How to Increase Your Chance of Winning on Jilievo Slot Games

Jilievo Slot Games

Playing slot games like a pro involves understanding the basics and adopting a strategic approach. Playing slot games involves spinning the reels as a game of chance and hope for winning combinations. To play like a pro, grasp the various symbols and their values. Managing your budget is crucial, ensuring you only spend what you can afford. Additionally, learn about different types of slot games and their features, as this knowledge can enhance your gameplay. Remember, while luck plays a role, a pro player combines it with knowledge and smart decisions for an enjoyable and potentially rewarding experience.

Basic Rules of Slots

Basic Rules of Slots
  • Start by choosing how much you want to bet. You can pick the amount by changing the coin size or the total bet. Every slot games has the least and most you can bet, so everyone can play, regardless of their budget.
  • You can decide how many paylines you want to play if the game has options. Paylines are where you can get winning combinations. Having more active paylines increases your chances of winning but also affects how much you bet overall.
  • Once you’ve set your bet, it’s time to spin the reels. Click or tap the “Spin” button to get started. If you want, there’s also an “Auto Spin” option. It lets the game spin the reels for you several times so you can watch.
  • Watch closely as the reels stop spinning. You could win prizes if you see matching symbols on an active payline. Different symbols have different values, so pay attention to ones that give bigger payouts or trigger special features.
  • Some slot games have cool bonus features. These can make your game more exciting and increase your winnings. Bonuses include Free Spins, where you get to spin without using more credits, or special rounds, where you can pick to reveal hidden prizes.

Symbols and Paylines

Symbols are like the building blocks of slot games. In every spin, different symbols appear on the screen, lined up in rows and columns. Slot games can have different setups. Some have three rows and five columns; others have four rows and five or six columns and more.

slot games - Symbols and Paylines

The goal is to align these symbols along the paylines of the game. Paylines are paths that run from one side of the screen to the other. The number of paylines in modern games can be as little as one or up to hundreds or even thousands. When identical symbols line up along a payline, you get paid based on the slot’s paytable. While there are many symbols in various slots, some are common. Here are a few:

  • Wild Symbols: These powerful symbols can replace any other symbol, increasing your chances of winning.
  • Multipliers: Special symbols that can multiply your winnings often act as wild and multipliers symbols.
  • Scatter Symbols: These symbols appear randomly but work together no matter where they are. Besides offering payouts, they can trigger special features.
  • Bonus Symbols: These symbols activate special bonus rounds. In some games, they need to be on a payline; in others, they act like Scatters.
  • Free Spins: Getting three or four symbols anywhere can start a Free Spins round when it appears on the reels.

Understanding the Different Variations of Slot Games

Understanding the Different Variations of Slot Machines

Picking the right slot machine that matches your personality, mood, and how much risk you’re comfortable with is a big decision. Let’s look at the details of the three kinds of slots we talked about:

Classic Slots: These slots are like a nod to the early days of slot machines. They have familiar symbols like fruits, bars, and lucky sevens. Usually, they have three reels and just one payline, keeping it simple like the old-fashioned casino games. Even though they might not have all the fancy features of modern slots, they’re elegant in their straightforward play, and you can win good prizes.

Video Slots: These games are visually impressive. They have cool themes, bright graphics, and immersive sound. With many paylines, bonus features, and little games within the game, it’s always exciting. You’ll experience finding hidden treasures, getting free spins, and unlocking cool bonus rounds while playing these modern games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots: These slots are different because they enable you to win large sums of money that can be life-changing. A small part of every bet on these slots adds to a constantly growing jackpot. The jackpot gets bigger as people all over play until someone lucky wins the ultimate prize. The exciting part is that you never know when it will happen, creating a vibe of thrill and dreams coming true.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) Rate?

The Return to Player (RTP) is a crucial number that’s the opposite of the casino’s advantage. Simply put, it shows the percentage of money a game gives back to players after many bets, like the ratio of winning bets to all bets.

What is the RTP

Imagine you’re at home, playing online games for fun. You go to your favorite online casino and find a slot game you like. The game says it has a high RTP of 98%. If you wager ten, you should get 9.8 back as winnings.

Remember, the RTP is more trustworthy when you look at many bets over a long time, not just a few spins like 5 or 10. You might win or lose a lot in the short term – it’s unpredictable. So, the RTP shows its value when you look at many bets.

What is Game Volatility?

When you check out different slot games, you should consider how often the game gives you small amounts of money and how big the maximum wins can be—slot volatility. Please don’t rely on what the slot developer says about the RTP rate and house edge; also, look at the game’s paytable to determine its volatility.

What is Game Volatility

Some new video slots tell you directly whether they have high or low volatility, which makes it easier for players to decide. Regardless of your preference, doing some extra research beyond the RTP rate is important. Understand the slot’s volatility because playing the wrong game can make the whole experience less fun.

Best Strategies to Win at Slots

Best Strategies to Win at Slots

You can make your slot machine play better by using a betting plan. Remember, this strategy works well with games that don’t change much, so you might need to change how much you bet while playing.

Levels Betting

To play slots smartly and avoid copying, follow these simple steps: First, decide how much money to bet each time. Start with a small amount, like 1% of your money for playing. Bet that amount initially. If you lose five times in a row, increase your bet to five times the starting amount.

For example, if you were betting ten each time and lost five times, switch to betting 50. If you lose five more times, go up to the next level and bet 100 each time. After you win, go back to the starting bet and begin again.

The idea is to win back what you lost by increasing your bet when you’re on a losing streak. If you get a winning combo, your payout will be bigger. Also, if you reach the free spins round with a higher bet, your winnings could be substantial. However, be careful because if you keep losing, you might have a big bet that’s hard to handle.

Fixed Percentage Betting

This plan engages players more with each win, so having a calculator nearby is good. Instead of changing the bet size after each round, we always bet a set percentage of our money. Using 5% is okay, but we play it safe and stick to 3%.

Let’s say we start with 100, so our first bet is 3. After winning 13, we now have 110. We adjust the bet to 3.30 or the closest option available. Not all slot machines allow precise bets. We keep following this plan until we finish playing.

This strategy is useful when trying to win slots, especially in games that pay more than usual. You can increase the bet size and maximize a winning streak. It also helps during losing streaks because you decrease the bet to limit losses. The downside is that it can be tricky to use and takes away some of the fun from the session.

Martingale Betting System (with a limit)

The Martingale betting system is a good strategy for games where you win or lose the same amount of money. But for slot machines, which are different, we suggest a changed Martingale system. You should set a maximum limit. It makes it easier to understand and use the Martingale system for winning at slots.

Here’s how it works: You double your bet each time you lose and then return to the original bet when you win. We suggest going up to 16 times the first bet to ensure you don’t risk too much money. After a win, go back to the starting bet amount.

Progressive Jackpot Strategy

It would help if you had a different strategy when you’re trying to win a big prize in online slot games, like a progressive jackpot. Most jackpot slots in casinos only pay out well if you’re lucky enough to get the rare big prizes. But they can be tempting because some jackpots can be more than $1 million.

You need to know the rules before you figure out how to win these jackpots. Some games make you bet a certain amount to win the top prize. You can only win the jackpot in a bonus round in other games. Sometimes, you might need to choose to play for the jackpot and pay extra to be eligible. Check the game info to find out.

Winning a huge jackpot happens sometimes, so be prepared for long playing sessions. Ensure you have enough money to keep playing, even if you’re not regularly winning. It’s a good idea to use the smallest bet you can and play a lot instead of making a big bet that might trigger the jackpot bonus more often.

Also, wait for the jackpot to get big. The chances of winning stay the same, so it’s better to play when the prize is already high.


RTP Return to Player) This percentage shows how much money a slot machine typically takes in-game and returns to players over time. Choosing games with higher RTP increases your chances of winning in the long run.

Consider the game’s RTP, volatility (risk level), and your personal preferences. Some players prefer high-risk, high-reward slots, while others enjoy lower volatility for more frequent but smaller wins.

Both online and offline slots operate on the same principles. Still, online slots often offer a wider variety of games, better graphics, and the convenience of playing from anywhere with an internet connection.

A progressive jackpot’s prize pool grows with each bet placed on a linked group of slot machines. It increases until a player hits the jackpot and resets to a predetermined amount.

Free versions of many online casinos’ slot machines are available for players to test out and become acquainted with different titles without risking real money.


In conclusion, slot games offer exciting and straightforward entertainment for players. With colorful themes and easy-to-understand mechanics, they provide a fun way to try your luck. Jilievo Casino stands out as a great platform to enjoy these games, offering various slots that cater to different preferences. The website’s intuitive interface makes it simple for players to navigate and explore the diverse range of available slot games. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned enthusiast, Jilievo provides a welcoming and accessible space to experience the thrill of slot gaming.