Ultimate Guide to Playing the Crazy Pusher Slot at Jilievo

Crazy Pusher Slot at Jilievo

Let’s take a closer look at the Crazy Pusher Jili Slot Game in this detailed review. This game is about having fun and enjoying colorful spinning reels and exciting bonuses. We’ll explore its features, how to play, and what makes it unique so you can decide if it’s a suitable slot game for you.

What is the Crazy Pusher Jili Slot? 

What is the Crazy Pusher Jili Slot

Crazy Pusher Slot is a 3D slot game with moving pictures. It has five spinning parts in one version and 3 in another. Online play is available for this game, made by a person or company called JIlI. You can win different big prizes in this game.

Crazy Pusher Gameplay Mechanics

Crazy Pusher Gameplay Mechanics

By playing on BET, you can get Purple Balls. Each time a ball goes into a particular hole, you win a prize. If a ball goes into a Blue Ball hole, you get free Blue Balls. If it goes into a Ticket hole, you get extra coins. When a ball goes into a Golden ball hole, a Golden ball comes onto the stage from a Red Cannon. If you can do the same spot five times in a row, it’s Show Time. This exciting moment lets you get Star Balls and win the big prize!

Crazy Pusher RTP and Volatility

Crazy Pusher RTP and Volatility

The Crazy Pusher Slot has a good Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%. On average, players can expect to return a higher percentage of their bets over a long time of playing. With an RTP of 97%, Crazy Pusher Slot can give out big prizes.

In terms of how often you win, It is in the middle to high range. It means that you might win less, but you could win a lot when you do. Having a high RTP and medium to high wins now and then makes the game exciting, with the chance for big rewards.

Crazy Pusher Features

Crazy Pusher Features

It has some excellent features that are different from other online slot games. It offers Super Jackpots and Lucky Jackpots, and you can win these jackpots when you bet. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key points:

  • Super Jackpot: When you bet, the Super Jackpot is like a prize that’s 500 times your bet. The same goes for the Lucky Jackpot, but it’s 100 times your bet. Each jackpot adds up separately, and the one you win depends on your chance.
  • Lucky Ball: Sometimes, when you make a bet, you can get a “Lucky Ball” with a random bonus. If you pick a “Lucky Ball,” you win a prize that’s your bet times the bonus. If you leave the game or change your bet, you lose any “Lucky Balls” you didn’t pick.
  • Free Turntable: When you play the game, you collect energy. You can play the free turntable game when the energy bar is complete. But if you leave the game for 24 hours, you lose your collected energy. After 3 minutes of saving energy, the system will use it automatically.
  • Energy Conversion: Your accumulated energy becomes bonuses based on your bet. When you play the turntable game, the point becomes rewards according to your current chance. After each spin, you get a prize and more power for the next spin.
  • Free Spins: Crazy Pusher Slot gives you free spins, which means you can win without spending money.
  • Multipliers: Special symbols can increase your winnings, making your spins even more exciting.


Crazy Pusher Jili Slot Game is an online slot machine developed by Jili Games. It offers a unique and exciting gaming experience with various themes and features.

Crazy Pusher Jili Slot Game uses a random number generator (RNG) to ensure fair and unexpected outcomes for each spin.

Crazy Pusher Jili Slot Game is compatible with mobile devices, and you can play it on Android and iOS platforms.

Crazy Pusher Jili Slot Game is a solo gaming experience and does not have multiplayer or social features.

You can usually find customer support contact information within the game’s settings or on the official website of Jili Games.


In conclusion, this game offers a thrilling and exciting experience for players. Its colorful graphics and easy-to-use interface make it an excellent choice for those looking for entertainment. If you’re interested in exploring more fun games like this, check out the Jilievo casino website, which has a diverse selection of exciting options to keep you entertained for hours. 

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